The Eric Blair Watch Project.

When George Orwell wrote his most prophetic novel, “1984” he was unaware of its potential to inform and shape the political and cultural landscape of the future. Doublethink and Newspeak are now the two devices that guide President Trump and the shameless wreckers that call themselves Brexiteers. “1984” was a nightmare made flesh, it was a warning from the future, but for many politicians today it seems to be a guidebook. The absurd simplifications, the dehumanisation and the reduction of our beautiful language for simple political expedience are all being enacted upon the political stage. We no longer fear the boot upon our face because we have all felt it kick us. Orwell dreaded the consequence of political extremism as he had lived through it during the Spanish Civil War. The intransigence of Francos hordes and his Communist foes inspired another novel "Animal Farm". This book sums up the stubbornness of the people who are supposed to be representing us.

The most inarticulate and crude man is now behind the helm of the worlds most powerful office. It seems now that we have no hope for our future.

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