A Woman`s Worth.

A trusting and caring 15 year old girl happens to meet a charming 22 year old man and her fate is almost sealed from that moment. He is a brash car salesman she is a shy and naïve girl, the daughter of a brigadier. Their relationship becomes a cruel one as he knows that he can dominate and manipulate and humiliate. Against all of these odds they eventually marry and have 2 children and stay together for 30 years even though he is unfaithful and shows no abatement in his cruelty. It ends in tragedy when a demoralized and downtrodden wife kills her husband.

She was convicted of murder but crucial evidence proving that she was guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter was not heard in court. In addition to this the law about coercive control was not yet on the statute books. However she has served her time, but hers is a pyrrhic victory. Her case has opened up the debate on coercive marriages, there are many women who are still living in the thrall of their husbands. Many have no control over their finances they are literally “kept women”, kept within the confines of their own homes.

Unfortunately after 3 decades of feminism women are still being controlled or manipulated by powerful men. These men just view women as objects, ornaments and even their own possessions. Women are used to feeling like mere decorations and it surprises some when we dare to speak and offer an intelligent opinion. We are human beings, we do not have a price, we are not bargaining tools we are worthy as much as men. This is our woman worth.

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