Giants of the Sea.

In Maori folklore the archipelago that defines New Zealand was formed from a giant fish reeled in from a mischievous creature called Maui. The fish became North island, the South island was formed from his canoe and Stewart Island was borne out of the canoe`s anchor. Spiritually Maoris believe that they are created from the physical phenomena of the lands. The people and the land are indivisible from each other.

Everyone remembers the cinematic triumph of “Whale Rider” a film made from a visionary novel of the same name. It brought Maori culture to the rest of the world and revealed how an ancient and proud people struggle with so called modern western values. It was also an incredible allegory which is still pertinent today, 30 years after the original book was written.

Jacinda Ardern is now at the helm, guiding a new generation into a new and frightening world. She has achieved something unthinkable. She has acquired the respect of all of the people and was given a Maori honour. Her aim to boost the well-being of the nation has only just begun and she will have to follow the footsteps of the ancient people, those giants of the land, the sea and the stars.

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