Fallen Angels.

Lucifer was the most famous example of a “fallen angel”, a divine being so consumed with pride that he found himself on the dark side. “Lucifer” means “morning star”, and he believed that his stellar quality was greater than the other angels in Heaven. These divine powers became perverted and God cast him out of Heaven and banished him to Hell.

In Hell he became Satan, a literal translation of this means “adversary” but in the popular imagination he is the personification of everything evil in this world and in the hereafter. A new film “Hail Satan?” is about to be released in the cinema but it focusses on the “adversary” nature of this part mythic being rather than the “evil” that many people perceive him to be. Essentially it is a satire on religious hypocrisy within the USA, raising the hackles of the self righteous.

Many critics state that the aims of these “Satanists” are eerily similar to Christs teachings and I am sure that this is deliberate. Jesus wanted to save the sinners rather than condemn them, a point that frequently escapes from the minds of the zealots. Lucifer was the most famous creature to join the dark side but he isn't the only one to do so, and neither will he be the last. There are many mortals living here on Earth who have been tempted over to the “other side”.

These are people who are lured by the promises of fame and money. The temptation is so strong that they are unconcerned about the loss of respect that will ensue. The reward somehow outweighs any loss, of respect, of friendships and reputation. Politics and the media are the two realms renowned for such behavior. They seem to attract the most venal individuals in society. The only decent people working within these realms abide by their sense of morality and responsibility and maintain the respect of their peers, a much greater reward than any material prize.

No-one expects mortal human beings to behave like angels but it is easy to spot the individuals who care more about notoriety and the material wealth that this engenders. They are similarly unconcerned about respect and responsibility. Again politics and the echo chambers that it spawns within the media lure in those who appear emotionally stunted and hardened. They are unmoved by human frailty and vulnerability, it amuses them.

“Spiked Online” are the personification of these modern day Lucifers. It was bizarre to witness one of these creatures on a Sunday morning discussion show. It wasn`t just bizarre, it was perverse for an ostensibly “faith” based programme on the BBC to indulge such an entity. Ella Whelan was invited on as a guest to discuss modern morality (!!), this “Whelan” creation is the same that condemned the complainants of “MeToo”. It is sinister to watch and listen to her. She frequently giggles like a psychopath when she talks about subjects which are obviously not funny. She is a militant abortionist like many at “Spiked”. Her other bugbears are depressingly familiar, the so-called “victimhood culture” and entwined with this free speech without limits, including hurtful and offensive speech on the Internet.

Perhaps for such a being so impervious to personal and/or hateful criticism/trolling my analysis will not affect her. Equally any reasonable person will just see through her and “Spiked” as irrelevant and tedious provocateurs for hire. However my question is how exhausting must this act be? They have already had their reward in this life, but it must be at such a great personal cost. And herein is the central argument to this article and indeed the reason for my entire blog. I nearly sold my soul to these people!!

“Spiked Online” was formed from the remnants of the RCP/LM group, a shameless group of provocateurs from the late 80s/early 90s. I was involved with them but I began to have doubts about them. I found that their ideas were frequently contradictory and/or nonsensical. Most of the time I concluded (correctly) that they were just attention seekers. It didnt bother me until serious things started to happen like their infamous genocide denial. Their attitudes to the events in Bosnia and Rwanda seemed to me distasteful and downright disgusting. I was informed that to progress politically I had to take their line. I couldn`t do it.

The final straw came in July 1994 when I saw the campaign poster for “No more Hiroshimas”. It was idiotic and attention seeking but also very, very wrong and incredibly offensive. It upset me the most because it denigrated the experience of my grandfather and his fellow soldiers from the Burma Campaign. My depression imploded and I had a breakdown. I extricated myself from this group and saved my self respect, but I still see these chancers (dis)grace themselves in the media and I fear one day that they will regret selling their own sense of morality so cheaply.

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