The night is nearly over; the day is almost here.


(Picture is of the Martyrdom of St. Peter as imagined by Caravaggio).

In the year 64 AD Rome was subject to a huge and devastating conflagration. It was the consequence of a vastly vulgar street party conducted by the Emperor Nero. The party included a torch procession and the Emperor parading upon a chariot.

However the “highlight” of the festivities was the obscene spectacle of Christian execution. On that night the victims included the apostles Peter and Paul. St. Peter was believed to have suffered death from crucifixion, reputably upon an upside down cross. St. Paul was believed to have been decapitated before his body was thrown upon a bonfire.

Every Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also the courage of the Apostles who lived and died through those torrid years of Roman persecution. We may be walking in darkness because of Corona, but the light will come again.

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