Innocence Lost.

Chris Lambert`s “Black Meadow Archive” is incredibly evocative, merging the uncanny with the modern sensibility. It also taps into a very English feeling, an atavistic stirring to return to nature before the malevolence of geopolitics threatens to overwhelm and ultimately vanquish the populace. I lived in the North East as a very young child, it was the late 1970s and I was aware of a growing threat as it was the height of the Cold War. I did not fully understand the significance of R.A.F Fylingdales but I had a naive but imaginative gift for confabulation. This is the essence of this work.

Some artists create a distinctive sound, others an accompanying persona and backstory. Kev Oyston and Chris Lambert have gone one further: their ‘Black Meadow’ project has seized control of a real-life area of the North York Moors and used it as the backdrop for a deliberately confusing, unsettling multi-media mix of disturbing folklore and Cold War paranoia.

Electronic Sound: Reviews (Issue 61) — The Haunted Generation

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