Time for Grace and Dignity


(Picture is of St. Aidan)

The Remain contingent in this country are doubling down on their attacks upon the British people, especially Brexit voters. I was once a Remainer but became increasingly perturbed by the tactics employed by the European Union. Consequently I started to question the logic of this country remaining inside an organisation with little regard for the people.


I realised that I could no longer perceive any semblance of humanity, particularly surrounding the ethics of employment. Empathy for others seemed conspicuous by its absence. It simply did not occur to anyone responsible for employment rights that EU and British citizens alike were all individual human beings worthy of dignity and respect. Instead all were reduced to the status of replaceable cogs in a very well oiled machine.


Entire swathes of people have been disregarded and dehumanised in the pursuit of this European project. The tenor of the commentary has turned toxic and malicious and has centred on Brexit voters themselves. Anglophobia is now on overt display in every Left-wing publication and media source. George Orwell recognised this in 1941 when he spoke about the “emotional shallowness” of the Leftist intelligentsia. These are people who dwell only in a world of ideas instead of harsh reality.


The dignity and the grace of the British people and their history, particularly ancient history was movingly brought to life by Arthur Machen. Machen was a Welsh born author who died on this day in 1947. Machen had an innate sensitivity and understanding of the British identity. Perhaps it is more accurate to define his oeuvre as a body of work that reveals an acuity for the inner lives of the people of Albion. His work shows a profound insight into the people who lived under the shadow of Roman occupation and colonisation. Their haunted presence fills the pages, the reader witnesses and appreciates the proud culture of the Celtic Priests and Philosophers.


Machen felt a deep and enduring spiritual connection to this country. In spite of the heartless and malevolent voices on the Left this is a feeling of connection that is shared by many of us and we should never feel ashamed.

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