Paragon of Animals

Traditional science promotes the view that mankind has evolved as a superior species owing to our prodigious skills in communication. However other species of animals are evidently sophisticated in terms of language and organisation.

I believe that it is too presumptuous to continue to believe that humans will dominate this planet until infinity. A recent study from Cornell University has revealed that fish are surprisingly adept with language. Scientists have published an illuminating paper that states that even the smallest fish can use sound to communicate, and this allows them to organise their behaviour. This fish language has enabled them to form and perpetuate their own unique societies.

Other animals have evolved in more compelling and mysterious ways, for example the domestic cat has developed quite distinctly.

This form of animal is not quite tame and not entirely wild either. It has an instinct to survive even in the most challenging situations but knows that it has an innate capacity to charm and cajole humans for its needs.

Cat intelligence is far more sophisticated than humans, and we should give them credit for that, instead of maligning their perceived amorality. It is in fact humanity that needs to question its own notion of morality as it appears to fight against the natural world rather than adapt to it.

Human intelligence and humans` unique sense of moral superiority helped to build the world. Now we are only succeeding in destroying it, not just our environment but ourselves. Our supposed advancement has led to a shocking decline in our health and well being as the natural world that has sustained us over millennia is dying.

Pierre Boulle was acutely aware of this as early as 1963, when he published his novel “Planet of the Apes”. This was a clever and witty twist on the theory that humans evolved into a superior species, in contrast with the inferior, knuckle dragging apes that preceded them.

In Boulle`s fantasy, the humans are inferior to the apes and are subject to all of the abuses and humiliations that animals face on a parallel planet. The book also highlights uncomfortable truths like the ethics of animal experimentation and it was one of the first books to highlight the modern theory of “speciesism” . This is the theory that centres upon human prejudices against animals and challenges human supremacy.

Boulle had an insight into the experience that animals face at the hands of humans. He could perceive the innate dignity of individual animals and understood their intellectual capabilities. I believe that once the final human being dies on Earth, a greater animal civilisation will be built.

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