Barbarians at the Gate

The “Conservative” Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued his resignation just a few days ago. His exit sparked an entire discussion about the state of politics in a modern nation like the United Kingdom. However this discussion also uncovered the widespread ignorance of the British populace, who are completely oblivious of the history of the Tories and the Conservative Party.

It is particularly shocking and saddening that people assume that “Tory” and “Conservative” are synonymous when they actually represent two separate but politically similar schools of thought. It is disturbing, and a sinister portent of events to come. Eventually people will have no connection to the culture and heritage of this country, and there will be no understanding or urgency to save it from the ruins.

However the ruination of British history and culture started in the late sixties when the spiteful, ungrateful children of the War generation decided to denigrate and expunge everything from Britain`s past. Their puerile attempts at revolution have been successful, not through deaths and purges, but through the mass poisoning of young minds within the education system. Since the seventies schoolchildren have been fed an entirely false narrative and inculcated with a Walt Disney version of history where Britain is, and always has been a villain in the world.

This asinine world view has been swallowed, and regurgitated since then without any serious attempt to challenge this grotesque over simplification. Consequently for the past few decades British people have become the most ill educated and uncultured people in Europe, as well as being one of the worst countries for alcohol and drug dependency. This is not just a coincidence, it is the result of a deep and enduring sense of demoralisation.

The political heirs of the revolutionaries call themselves progressives and they are convinced that their attempts to divest the people of any notion of British pride are entirely correct. At the other end of the scale an opportunist like Boris Johnson has managed to infiltrate the British Conservative Party and destroy the political message and the people in the process.

The Conservative writer Russell Kirk recognised that the Libertarian philosophy that Johnson and his ilk currently espouse was a betrayal of Conservatism. He said rather scathingly that they “bear no authority, temporal or spiritual, and they do not venerate ancient beliefs and customs, or the natural world, or their country, or the immortal spark in their fellow men”.

Kirk wrote eloquent pieces of philosophy as well as a series of pulp novels in the style of historical fiction. These novels are witty and clever, they are almost metafictions satirising pompous authors like Hemingway but at the same time recreating comic book heroes from the Victorian age. One recurring character, Mandred Arcane is obviously a caricature of a Victorian imperialist. The supporting cast of subjugated people are also a collection of cultural stereotypes.

There is no nuance or subtlety in Arcane, he is crude and self absorbed and rather familiar. In the 2019 General Election the Boris led Conservative Party was the only alternative to the vapid pieties professed by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. The Labour manifesto even proposed a “National Education Service” with a particularly trite emphasis on British colonialism. If Corbyn had been successful then the indoctrination of British schoolchildren would have been complete, and yet more brutalised clones would be churned out by state schooling.

It is useful to provide some correct historical context to counter the terrible lies propagated by Labour. The Tory Party was established during the exclusion crisis of 1679. They had a similar ideology to the right wing traditionalists of pre revolutionary France, who desired the continuity and tradition of monarchy.

Throughout the eighteenth century the cultural impact of the Tory party was immense, it spawned witty writers and poets like Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift. Pope and Swift had a great reverence for institutions and the traditional, including religion and loathed the emphasis of science as the foundation of all great works. Such an emphasis, they argued, only leads to dullness of the mind.

The philosophy of the original Tory Party was growing increasingly unfashionable as Britain entered the nineteenth century. Wealth was not solely inherited as the changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution meant that a new mercantile class was emerging and needed political representation.

In 1834 the Conservative Party was established by Robert Peel. Peel founded the party on the basis of conserving the traditions of British culture to provide social stability. It was originally a non ideological political movement that sought to preserve monarchy, the established Church and the rule of law. The policies enacted by the Conservatives were designed to be pragmatic rather than radical or revolutionary.

British Conservatism has always been a popular creed in this country because it respects and protects tradition and history, unlike Labour which has sought to subvert and distort it in the most destructive way. T.S Eliot was the most prominent poet to express the British Conservative worldview. In “Little Gidding” he writes,

“A people without history is not redeemed from time, for history is a pattern

Of timeless moments. So, while the light falls

On a winter’s afternoon, in a secluded chapel

History is now and England”.

Unfortunately those radicals from the sixties that infested all of the institutions of this country have promoted concepts that are alien to a large proportion of the population. Secularism and the liberty to live without a moral or social conscience have become part of mainstream modern discourse. Consequently this country has become atomised and paganistic in its pursuits. The new Conservative Prime Minister needs to remember the original purpose of the party and rescue this country from oblivion.

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