Daughters of Eve

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th to acknowledge the economic and cultural contribution of women across the world. It has always had an overtly political message as it was initially established in the early twentieth century to advocate for women’s equality. Campaigners argued that women had equal rights and opportunities in terms of education and employment. Since then women, at least in the developed world have achieved full equality with men. Prejudice and discrimination is still perpetuated, but most people understand now that sexism is unacceptable.

However the inherent dignity of women was never considered in ancient cultures. It is often forgotten that pagan societies did not perceive women as equally human and it was in fact Jewish and Christian cultures that raised the status of women. The Biblical story of Adam and Eve has been distorted by secular commentators to imply that women were created to lead men astray. However the story illustrates that Eve was imbued with a distinctly female intelligence and insight. She ensured that Adam felt self-conscious as a man, and not an animal driven by instinct.

The pure animal passions of men have been acknowledged as damaging to women, and it is women themselves who have had to exercise their own rationality to curb them in their most destructive form. One fact is undeniable. Monogamous marriage has had a civilising effect for many centuries, it has led to stable families and homes. Feminine values like kindness are integral to this success.

Modern feminists have distanced themselves from the moral and religious arguments for women’s equality. Since the sixties the new feminist movements have sought to deny the clear biological differences between women and men. Consequently an entire generation has been forced to imbibe toxic messages about sexuality, these messages have infiltrated big corporations and state education and health systems. Young women are being damaged all over again with the falsehood that they are the same as young men, and have the same sexual desires.

The effects of this are stark, there is much more mental illness now. It is a direct result of the modern feminist movement, who advocate increasingly for such horrors as unlimited abortions and transgender surgeries. All of these are crude methods to erode femininity and uniquely feminine roles in society. This women’s day we should celebrate women for being women, and try to suppress malign influences that seek to erase us.

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